Our Story


KinkyHeartsClub is a cute, kink-themed small business that was founded on January 20th, 2021! We were created with the hopes of creating a kink positive space for anyone interested in makeup, and we believe that everyone has the right to express themselves, even with things that may usually be hush-hush.  

Since our initial launch, KHC has evolved and morphed into something beautiful, and will continue to evolve and grow just as we all do ourselves.

About us: 

Today, KinkyHeartsClub is nurtured by the loving hands of Anastasia, the dedicated owner who tirelessly works to transform this cherished brand into something extraordinary. From its humble beginnings, this brand was born out of a brilliant idea in the mind of its original founder, Taiga. With passion in her heart and pen to paper, she created something truly amazing.

Anastasia's commitment to making KinkyHeartsClub a place where everyone feels embraced and empowered is not just her own; it extends to her incredible family, who wholeheartedly support the brand. From behind-the-scenes magic to packing orders to product design, their love and involvement are the foundation that keeps KinkyHeartsClub thriving. Together, they weave a tapestry of care, ensuring that every product, every experience, and every interaction reflects the core values of the brand.

We believe in the power of self-expression, and we encourage you to celebrate your cuteness and kinkiness unapologetically and without shame. Join us on this incredible journey where love, inclusivity, and acceptance reign supreme. Together, let's make KinkyHeartsClub a place where beauty knows no boundaries and everyone is welcome with open arms.